Hoffman's Home Made Ice Cream
934 Washington Road
Westminster, MD 21157
Hoffman’s Home Made Ice Cream & Deli - Ice Cream Cakes, Convenience Store

Hoffman’s Home Made Ice Cream in Westminster Maryland has been a landmark of Carroll County Maryland since 1947. We have been treating generations of families and friends with superior, one of a kind homemade ice cream.

Family owned and operated, Hoffman’s continues the great tradition of making fresh ice cream and ice cream cakes with the same great recipes and high quality ingredients are still used today so you can enjoy the great taste that has won “Carroll County’s Best” by popular vote year after year. Throughout the year Hoffman’s will make over 50 different flavors of their famous rich and creamy ice cream.

Treat yourself today Hoffman’s Hand Dipped Ice Cream (+tax):

  • Hand Dipped Cone (Cups, Cake Cones, Sugar Cones, Waffle Cones)
  • Single: $3.75, Double: $6.75, Triple: $9.00, Kiddie: $3.25
  • Homemade Milkshakes (All One Size)
  • Regular: $7.25, Deluxe Thick: $9.45
  • Sundaes (2 Dips include whipped cream & cherry)
  • Hot Fudge: $8.25, Butterscotch: $8.25, Marshmallow: $8.00, Pineapple: $8.25, Chocolate Marshmallow: $8.25, Peanut Butter: $8.25, Chocolate Syrup: $8.00,
  • Hot Fudge Brownie: $9.50, Strawberry (Seasonal): $8.25
  • Root Beer / Coke Float: $7.25
  • Banana Split (Jr): $9.25 (Sr): $11.25
  • Ice Cream Cake: pre-done or custom made
  • Home Made Ice Cream Sandwiches

Want to take some of this great ice cream home to enjoy another day? Why settle for supermarket quality ice cream. Pints, half-gallons and gallons of Hoffman’s Ice Cream flavors are available. A wide variety of ice cream cakes are also on hand for any occasion. It is worth the short, scenic drive to Westminster Maryland to taste for yourself why Hoffman’s homemade ice cream is fresher, heavier and creamier.

Take Home Hoffman’s Ice Cream:
PrepackedHand Dipped
Pint: $5.95Pint: $8.50
Half Gallon: $8.75 Quart: $11.00
Gallon: $18.50